VMware vSphere Client in Parallels Desktop

This is a quick solution to a problem I suffered, and thought it was a bug in Parallels Desktop for Mac. You run the vSphere Client application, open a Console to a virtual machine, and after that all your Windows keystrokes and mouse clicks go into the Console and not into any other Windows applications at all, not even the taskbar or Start menu.

The key is that the vSphere Client uses the same "Ctrl Alt" key combination to get out of the console, as does Parallels to get out of Windows programs.

When running in Coherence or Crystal mode, you never really need this key combination as it works automatically anyway when you click in any other Mac application.

The solution is to change the Parallels "Release Input" key combination. Get out of Crystal mode, then go to the Parallels / Preferences window. Select the "Keyboard & Mouse" pane of the dialog box, and work through each Profile in turn. In each profile, set the key combination for "Release Input" to "Cmd-Ctrl-Space" (that's what I used).

Then quit and re-run Parallels and you will find the problem has gone away.