Upgrading Windows 7 from Beta to Release Candidate

This is actually very easy.

Copy all the files from the Release Candidate DVD into a directory on your hard disk. Go into that directory, look in the “sources” sub-directory for a file “cversion.ini”.
Change the line
and save it.

Burn a new DVD from the directory containing everything, and use that to upgrade your Windows 7 Beta system to Windows 7 Release Candidate.

This information is available officially from Microsoft, but I forget where.

Windows Hyper-V Beta

Windows Server 2008 RC1 with Hyper-V Beta is publicly available here:


Beta Integration Components for Linux available through connect.microsoft.com:

is the home page for them.

The “Downloads” link on the left contains the links to where you get it all. Only support for SLES 10 at the moment. Expect RHEL5 support in a later beta.

Can’t get Windows Server Backup to see that my backup disk is on-line. I have told it that it is to use the disk as a backup drive. But still won’t recognise it. Now testing to see if a reboot will fix it.
No good. The drive now has a different GUID. “wbadmin restore catalog” command doesn’t work, always gives error about -backupTarget: setting missing, despite its being there. Bug.
Can’t file a bug report as there’s no icon on the desktop which is how we’re supposed to do it. You would have thought they might have seen this one! Sad
I’ll ask JL about filing bug reports.