Converting Majordomo Mailing Lists to Mailman

This appears to be a fairly common problem, with very few decent solutions to the problem. It’s all very well converting lists over by hand if you only have a few, but if you have hundreds of them then that is not practical.

So I have taken a script originally written by Brad Marshall ( and fixed some bugs, extended it and improved it.

You can download the resulting majordomo2mailman script here.

If you run it as “majordomo2mailman --help” then it will show you how to use it.
You will need to edit the settings at the top of the script to match the layout of your server, as it needs a copy of the Majordomo lists directory and the Majordomo aliases file to work from. I wrote this to work with sendmail, but converting it to work with any other MTA should be trivial, you just need to bash your aliases database into a file that looks like a sendmail one, i.e. one alias per line, with the format
alias: value
on each line.
To start with, you might want to enable debugging, which you can do at the top of the script.

If you use it, I would greatly appreciate a small donation. I have an wishlist. Thank you.

Don’t forget to make the majordomo2mailman script executable after you have downloaded it!