Service Pack

Applying Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1

Due to us having a scheduled lack of internet connection, we chose this as a good time to patch the management’s Exchange 2007 server.

Be warned: to get this service pack to apply, you must first install .Net 2.0 service pack 1 which they chose not to bundle with the enormous Exchange service pack 1. Why not? Who knows! Sad The service pack doesn’t fit on a CD anyway, so why not just include a copy of .Net 2 SP1 with it? Finding the service pack on their website is not trivial either, as it’s very badly titled and so most of the obvious search terms don’t help you. Go to and search their downloads for “.Net 2 SP1”. This will find you the x86 version, and there is a link to the x64 version near the bottom of the page, as well as the ia64 Itanic release if you need that instead. It’s currently at:

Install that and then reboot. The server needs to be able to see the Active Directory schema master as well, so I hope your internal network is working (our’s wasn’t due to our campus network managers’ incompetence at their stunning inability to hire a generator to keep a few routers up and running).

After this, install the Exchange SP1. It installed perfectly on our server, and the whole process took about 20 or 30 minutes and did
not require a reboot afterwards.

The only damage it appears to have done is set the “https required” flag on the default website in IIS. I have this switched off and do an auto-redirect from
http://exchange...../ to https://exchange...../owa, which saves our users a lot of typing and saves us a lot of “I can’t get at the webmail” complaints.

TomTom Update for HP iPAQ

If you have problems reading maps other than the original free one, and you are using an HP iPAQ and Navigator 6, there is an update to Navigator 6 available.
Start TomTom Home, and then in IE go to and there will be a Download button. This will download the new Navigator and make it available in the “on your computer” list of objects you can install to your PDA.