Installing Mailman

Fortunately, to make life very easy, there is a copy of the latest Mailman included with RedHat 5.2 or CentOS, so just
yum install mailman
yum update

and you’re on your way.
However, Mailman 2 currently does not support virtual email domains, so I have applied a small patch by hand to add this functionality.

The Mailman Installation Manual is very good and will walk you through all the configuration steps required, which shouldn’t take you more than an hour or two at most. You will find most of it has been done for you by the RPM packagers at RedHat. About the only bits you need to bother with are
  • 7 Review your site defaults
  • 8 Create a site-wide mailing list
  • 11 Check the hostname settings
  • 12 Create the site password
  • 13 Create your first mailing list

If you are moving from Majordomo to Mailman, you may be interested in my majordomo2mailman script which will do all the hard work for you.