Enable SSH access in VMware

This simply describes how to enable ssh access to a VMware ESX or ESXi server.
  1. From the ESX/ESXi console press Alt-F1.
  2. Type in the word unsupported and press return (nothing will appear as you type).
  3. Type in your root password.
  4. Edit the /etc/inetd.conf file by typing the command "vi /etc/inetd.conf".
  5. Scroll through the file (j=down, k=up) until you find the line that starts "#ssh" and delete the "#" symbol by pressing "x" and save the file by typing ":wq". If you make a mistake then type ":q!" and press return, and start editing it again.
  6. Type the command "exit".
  7. Press Alt-F2.
  8. Reboot the ESX/ESXi server.

Now you will be able to "ssh root@<your-ESX/ESXi-server-name>" from a Unix/Linux prompt, or use "PuTTY" on Windows to connect to it as the user "root" with your root password.