Update 24 May 2010: I have added some more features to Dropbox and I have released my new “Dropoff” over at www.dropoff.me. Get all the latest and greatest there in future!

I have found a great solution to the common problem of sending and receiving files from other sites and research partners, and generally sending large files around the web where email won’t do the trick.

It’s called “
Dropbox” and was originally written by the University of Delaware.

I am launching it as a service at work called “
Dropoff” in order that people don’t think you are talking about the service provided by www.dropbox.com which is a totally different thing.

The idea is that you don’t even need to login to send a file to a user within your site/company/University/institution, so external people can use it to send files to people in your institution. It can handle arbitrarily large files, there are no fixed limits. If you log in to the Dropbox website, you can send files to people outside your institution. People who cannot log in can only send files to people within your institution. This stops the rest of the world using it to send people to other people who aren’t members of your institution.

I have added various extra features to it:
  • Active Directory AD authentication (to multiple AD sites at once if needed)
  • Virus scanning of uploaded files, using ClamAV

I have customised it quite a bit just for our site, so if you want a copy of my patched version, along with a guide as to what changes I have made, then please
contact me.