Systems Support Roles
Julian Field

Undergraduate Support

  • Manager of Help Desk staff and purchasing staff.
  • Providing second-line support and development of all undergraduate Unix, Mac and Windows 7 systems.
  • Maintaining the Zepler levels 2 and 3 Networks.
  • Advising laboratory managers on expenditure requirements and specifying computer hardware and software purchases.
  • Managing expenditure of significant computer lab equipment budgets.

Research Support
  • Develop and support MailScanner email anti-virus and anti-spam system.
  • Develop and support ScamNailer email anti-phishing system.
  • Develop and support ZendTo web-based file transfer system.
  • Support and maintain UK mirror of research paper archive.
  • Provide support and assistance to all members of senior management.

  • E-mail Postmaster, providing support and development of all e-mail services.
  • Computer Purchasing Manager, responsible for the purchase of all network and computer hardware and software.
  • Liaise with central iSolutions to co-ordinate and support all computer and Apple device procurement.
  • Procurement of all workstations and laptops.
  • Developing and implementing virtualisation systems to improve reliability and cut costs.
  • Developing and deploying Windows 7 and Mac OSX on all new laptops and iMacs.
  • Developing and maintaining departmental commercial software distribution server.
  • Developing protection against, and disinfection of, virus-infected e-mail traffic.
  • Creator and author of widely-used MailScanner software.
  • Providing support to around 100,000 sites using MailScanner.
  • Developing improved e-mail routing and defence against unsolicited e-mail.
  • Scanning departmental systems for security vulnerabilities and configuration errors.
  • PC, camera and peripheral data recovery.
  • Primary contact for Microsoft Corporation.
    Other Responsibilities
    • Invited technical member of Soton-CERT, the University's Computer Emergency Response Team.
    • Invited technical member of University Computer Purchasing sub-committee.
    • Invited member of University iSolutions Service Definitions working party.