Welcome to my bizarre little world.

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I am most well known as the author and developer of
MailScanner, an e-mail security, anti-spam and anti-virus package for e-mail Internet gateways, not home users’ Windows PCs. I am also the author of ScamNailer and ZendTo. I am also the Postmaster in the School of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton, UK. I wear various other hats there such as the Teaching Systems Manager and Purchasing Manager, and have interests in virtualisation and network security, as well as lots of other things that keep me amused.

I have a bit of a reputation for being a collector of toys and all things electronic and computer-based. My personal collection of servers exceeds what will fit into a 6-foot rack. As a result my office is quite noisy (hence the noise-cancelling headphones and non-stop supply of music and TV), but also toasty warm, which I love. My favourite occupation in my office is lying on my sofa watching the TV with a cold drink out of the fridge :-)

Quite a lot of people also know that many bits of my body don’t work too well. I get around okay, I’m not physically disabled at all, but at one time or another all my internal organs have failed except for my heart and left lung. I have now been taken off the waiting list for a liver transplant, as my body is slowly growing some new veins and will fix some of the problems itself, which is pretty neat. No-one knows quite how or why, not even the best doctors and surgeons in the country. I live on a cocktail of
Morphine, Oxycodone and Fentanyl, all of which are pretty stupidly strong painkillers. You have probably have heard of the first one, but most likely not the other two as they are rarely used outside of hospitals. Fentanyl is about 80 times stronger than morphine, it’s pretty nasty stuff. Over the last year I have had 90 prescriptions, so I know all the staff at my local pharmacist very well!